Metal Fusion Epic Facebolt Sticker CUSTOM Collection

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Metal Fusion Epic Facebolt Sticker Collection

What are the Options:


1. Embossed 

2. Embossed Transparent

3. Holographic


Design Concept - Durability + Versatility and of course, the Popping Beauty

What Broke the stickers in the first place? Our Engineering team realized the nature of the Intense thrilling Battle Metal Fusion Beys bring, so the objective of our stickers are made with Strength, and made to last. Our technology can withstand the Intense Battles, water resistant, and fully reusable; a different look everyday? Your call. Without a doubt, the most important part of the Upgrade / Restoration for Metal Fusion, is to retain the same look, but Elevated. 

What's so Special?

1. Anti-Scratch

2. Water Proof

3. Fully Reusable


What is Included

Options are Any 3 / Any 6 / Any 12. Customer can mix and match across Styles. For example, with an order of Any 3, customer can 1 of the embossed and 2 of the emboss transparent. And any style that will be coming in the future.

Please Let us know which sheet you want :) Thank you!