Beyblade Bakuten Shoot OG Collection Display

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What is Included!

Beyblade Bakuten Shoot OG Collection Display Set

1. Dragoon

2. Dranzer

3. Draciel

4. Driger

!! NOTE. Beys Not Included !!


What is so Special?

1. The Bey Stand- Fits all Beys! The Display stand included in the Diorama is specially developed for beys of all sizes, and a snuggly easy fit.

2. Mode Change - You like your beys laying down? Standing upright? We got them covered, the designs are developed for swift mode change, tailored to the way you wanted.

3. Embossed Background - The background is made with special embossed printed cardboard, for the popping look, and durability to withstand repeated use.

4. The Design - Our art team is paying special tributes to all Beyblade Generations. A project we called it - "Beyblade Across Time", creating memorable displays for each era, and remind fans of all the good times.



4x Clear Display Case

4x Embossed Cardboard Background

4x ThePortal0 Bey Stand

4x Background Holder