Bakuten Shoot Legacy Mini Stadium Diorama Display

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What is Included!

Bakuten Shoot Legacy Mini Stadium Diorama Display

(Beyblade NOT Included)

What is so Special?

1. The Bey Display BASE - Fits all Beys! The Display BASE included in the Diorama is specially developed for beys of all sizes, and a snuggly easy fit.

2. Handmade Embossed Background - The background is made with special embossed printed Holographic Film, for the popping look, and durability to withstand repeated use.

4. The Design - Our art team is paying special tributes to all Beyblade Generations. A project we called it - "Beyblade Across Time", creating memorable displays for each era, and remind fans of all the good times.



1x Clear Display Case (10CM ver.)

1x Handmade Embossed Background

1x ThePortal0 Bey Display BASE

1. Mini BB10 Style Stadium



Our artist will create the Diorama Based on the Given Character, BitBeast or Provided Elements. Please throughly communicate with our agent on the details.

For Secret Design -

Our Artist will Create a Unique Design, the only 1 in the world diorama. It will be a Rivalry Style Display.