Hello Kitty x Gundam x Valkyrie Pink Galaxy Diorama Display Set

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Hello Kitty x Gundam x Valkyrie Pink Galaxy Custom Diorama Display Set


What is so Special?

1. The Bey Stand BASE- Fits all Beys! The Display stand included in the Diorama is specially developed for beys of all sizes, and a snuggly easy fit.

PLUS! An exclusive Gundam BB Series Plug, fits all small Bandai Gundam

2. The Moon Surface - Hand Made with clay, painted with brush. Fine toned and made to perfection.

3. Transparent Acrylic Pink Galaxy Background - UV Printed High Quality Display, light sensitive, the design allows light to penetrate and beam up the display.

4. BUBBLE GUM PINK KITTY - Hand Dyed with our very own Special Magic Dye, tailored made Pink for the Epic Kitty Gundam!

5. Pink Valkyrie - Pink + Black + Clear layer base. With all the Hand Painted Detail. Perfect for his EPIC Journey across the Galaxy with Kitty Gundam! 



1x MEGA 15 CM Clear Display Case

1x Custom Made Pink Kitty Gundam

1x Custom Made Pink Valkyrie

1x Bey Display Base Moon Surface Edition



BANDAI Hello Kitty x Gundam Figures Transparent Limited Edition

Takara Tomy B-00 Limited White Cho-Z Valkyrie