Metal Fusion Ultimate Battle Memory Display Kit

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Metal Fusion Ultimate Battle Memory Display


What is included - 

1. Pre-Cut. Assembled. Clear Acrylic Display Case with sliding door.

2. Precision 3D printed MFB Display for 2 Beys and Tip

3. Specially Made MFB Stickers 

Custom Background Option Available 


The display was tailored made for Metal Fusion beyblade with the Medal of Honor concept. Facing forward, with the tip also displayed at the flat front surface.

What WILL Fit

1. Any Metal Fusion Spin Track

2. Metal Fusion Performance Tip

3. Stickers on the plastic clear film

Special Note, Takara designed all facebolt orientation slightly different. hence, our design to overcome that is for the user to adjust the facebolt After placing the bey onto the stand.