Metal Plated Draciel V - Bakuten Shoot Limited Edition

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10 Quantity Per Drop

Hour of Labor: 4 HR - One week Production Time

Entirely Metal Coated by Aluminum

0% Paint Used


What is so Special?

1. The Bey Display BASE - Fits all Beys! The Display BASE included in the Diorama is specially developed for beys of all sizes, and a snuggly easy fit.

2. Handmade Embossed Background - The background is made with special embossed printed Holographic Film, for the popping look, and durability to withstand repeated use.

4. The Design - Our art team is paying special tributes to all Beyblade Generations. A project we called it - "Beyblade Across Time", creating memorable displays for each era, and remind fans of all the good times.



Complete B-176 RB23 Draciel Viper 00Wall High Defense

  1. Layer: Draciel Viper / Disc: 00 / Disc Frame:Wall / Performance Tip: High Defense
  2. NFC and QR Code for registration
  3. Stickers. Instruction included in Japanese