Metal Plated Spriggan w/ Legacy Diorama Display - Limited Edition

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Hour of Labor: 8Hr /1 Qt



Dragon DB Core - Red Aluminum Metal Coat with Hand Detail Accent 

Gatling  Layer - Red Metal Coated with Hand Painted Detail

0 - Armor - Original Aluminum Metal Coat

Over Disc - Original Aluminum Metal Coat

Quattro - Original Metal Plated


!! 9H Hardness Ceramic Coat Layer Applied !!


In addition- GOLD Version

10 CM Large Size Hand Made Diorama included.

Featuring Shiny Yu-Gi OH Style Silver textured film, emboss printed with

3D printed Base with Special Beyblade Stand.



Item Description:

B-188 Astral Spriggan Customization Set

  1. Astral Spriggan Over Quattro-0
  2. Cyclone Belial Nexux Metal Xtreme-2
  3. S Gear
  4. Blitz Disc
  5. Wave' Driver
  6. Metal Survive
  7. Stickers. Instruction included in Japanese