ThePortal0 OG B-Daman Diorama Collection

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What is Included!

ThePortal0 OG B-Daman Diorama Collection

Comment to Let us know which model you want. You can Mix and Match your Backdrop + Floor as well!

Variations - 

Mix and Match Your Own Background and Characters, created based on OG B-Daman!

What is so Special?

1. The Comic Backdrop! - Emboss print on thick Cardboard, 

2. The High Quality UV Printed Floor

3. the LARGE size Display of 10x10x10 CM!

4. The Custom Made Mini Packaging



1x Clear Display Case (10x10x10 CM)

1x Embossed Cardboard Background 

1x UV printed 0.5cm Thickness Floor

1x Mini Packaging



Yes, we do custom Bottle Man. Ready-Made


1. B-Daman Converter, so you can shoot Marble

2. Custom Painted to resemble the Look of 20+ Year B-Daman

3. Car-Paint like Special Coat. Coated with Ceramic Texture Coating, Gloss Gloss.

4. Custom Stickers inspired by the classic