Bey Launcher Grip Ver. Purple-Pink Bahanut Tattoo Metal Plated

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Item Description:

ThePortal0 TAKARA TOMY TP0-07 Beyblade BURST Ver.Bahanut Bey Launcher Grip Limited Edition

What is in the BOX? 

ThePortal0 TAKARA TOMY TP0-06 Beyblade BURST Ver.Bahanut Bey Launcher Grip


Everything is the Same. Except the Dragon Tattoo

- Hey y'all. This is a little hard to explain, in short, we could not take an accurate picture of the grip in term of coloration accuracy because of the reflective surface. The most accurate picture in terms of color would be the picture of the grip in the packaging. 

   - What's so Special About it?

The Perfect Accessory for a Perfect Launch is Here! The Grip is served as a Great Stabilizer for any Burst Series Bey Launcher, the grip can easily be attached to any Burst Series Launchers, Providing a Solid Grip for Bettering every single Launch!