Set of 4 Beyblade Customization Station

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What is Included!

ThePortal0 TP0-89 Set of 4 Beyblade Customization Station

!! NOTE. Beys Not Included !!


What is so Special?

1. The Bey Customization Station - Fits all Burst Series Beys!

Why is this Necessary for Painting and customizing beyblades?

- Painting beys on a flat surface will resulting in unwanted sticking situation. Where the paint sticks the bottom of the bey with the surface of operation (glass, wood, plastic)

However! With the customization station, you can easily place the bey, disc and other parts onto the station, spray-paint, turn as you go. And get the full coverage at once. Moreover, for expedited process, you can simply move the painted bey with the bey station to a dry place to prevent dust and speed up and drying process. Quickly move on to the next bey!




4x Beyblade Customization Station