USA!! TAKARA TOMY Beyblade BURST DB BBG-39 Limited LR Launcher

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Item Description:

AUTHENTIC TAKARA TOMY Beyblade BURST DB BBG-39 Launcher / Version Japan

What is in the BOX? 

Complete DB BBG-39 Limited Launcher

Beyblade Burst Custom BeyLauncher LR

1. BBG-39 Limited Spriggan Launcher

2. BBG-39 Limited Longinus Launcher

3. BBG-39 Limited Fafnir Launcher

  1.    - What's so Special About it?

           For Classic Rip-Cord or Regular String Launchers, they either only go right spin or left spin, which is only compatible with Right or Left Spin Beyblade. However, this LR  (Left Right) Launcher is capable of instantly switching between Left Spin or Right Spin, Maximizing its capability of launching both Left and Right Spin Beyblades.